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Wouldn't it be nice not to pay more than you have to for every mail piece? 

SmartAddresser will help you dramatically reduce your postage bills by taking advantage of discount programs from the United States Postal Service (USPS). 

Many of our customers have reduced their postage bill by as much as 25%! Not only will you pay the lowest postage possible, SmartAddresser will correct your addresses so that more of your direct mail is delivered faster and more accurately.

SmartAddresser will also remove the duplicate addresses from your mailing lists, saving you postage, printing, and embarrassment with your customers. Finish the job by automatically printing USPS approved forms, tags, and addresses along with the money-saving, postal barcode. What’s more, our exclusive “Smart Steps” feature will record your jobs so that you can “play back” your keystrokes at any time. SmartAddresser is processing your job unattended, while you work on other projects.

CASS Certified Address Correction

SmartAddresser features the powerful and proven AccuMail address correction engine to reliably correct and update your marketing lists. Correct addresses are required to take advantage of USPS discount programs. Correct addresses also get your mail to its destination faster and more accurately. A great looking mailpiece and a terrific offer means nothing if it doesn’t get to the recipient. SmartAddresser is fully certified by the United States Postal Service to:

  • Correct misspellings, directionals (N, SE, etc.) and designators (ST, BLVD, etc.)

  • Update 5 – digit ZIP codes and add the ZIP +4 code and carrier routes

  • Assign Line – of – Travel  (LOT) for greater postal discounts

  • Add congressional and county code

  • Correct multiple lines of address information

Below is an example of before and after address correction by SmartAddresser:



You can even browse your addresses that didn’t receive a correction and find out why.

Import and Export From 13 Data Formats

Importing your lists is easy. Written in Microsoft FoxPro, SmartAddresser imports data at over 5 million records per hour. Field attributes and the number of fields in the database file are automatically determined. There is no need to know this information before importing. Smart Addresser USA will work easily with your existing mailing lists and databases.

Presort All Classes of Mail

Postal presorting is a “work-sharing” program offered by the Postal Service. If the mailing is sorted before presented at the Post Office, you will enjoy a substantial discount. SmartAddresser is fully PAVE certified by the USPS and makes sorting mail a snap. It presorts your mail for First, Periodical and Standard A class rates (both profit and nonprofit), postcards, letters and flats: automation, non-automation and upgradeable at over 1 million records per hour. SmartAddresser presorts multiple bulk mail entries, Basic, DDU, SCF and BMC all at the same time. Additionally, the presort files are saved for future use. SmartAddresser also produces all of the required USPS reports and barcoded tray labels/sack tags.

Reports Labels Envelopes

SmartAddresser comes with a full battery of useful marketing and list profile reports. These reports include:

  • Undeliverable Addresses

  • ZIP Codes within Each City

  • Telemarketing Information

  • Count on Zip Codes

  • Count on City

  • Duplicate Addresses

In addition, you may customize any report or create your own to mine the information you need from your list. SmartAddresser has hundreds of preformatted label and envelope designs, or design your own. Make your mailpiece enticing by placing graphics and pictures to appear any where on the address label or envelope. Adding the money-saving postal barcode to your mailer is as simple as clicking your mouse.

SmartAddresser is compatible with popular office printers as well as specialized direct addressing printers such as Bryce, Datatech, Rena, Buskro, Kirk-Rudy, Astro, Prism, and more.

Unattended Processing with “Smart Steps”

Your time is valuable; why not process your lists at night while you are sleeping? This unique feature allows for unattended "batch mode processing" of any number of different lists. Simply select the jobs you wish to perform on each list (e.g., select records, correct addresses, remove duplicates, presort, etc.) and add it to the schedule.  You are now free to attend to other projects, go to lunch, whatever you like.

When you come back to SmartAddresser, view the “Progress Log” to get a complete breakdown of each function, how many records were processed, and how much computer time was expended. What a great feature for billing and/or cost accounting purposes! You not only save untold hours, the chance of error is greatly reduced. Smart Steps also eliminates the need of a specialized operator. Anyone who can click an icon can produce a mailing.

Direct Mail in the Internet Age

Direct mail differentiates your web site from all others. Drive prospects to your site by enticing them with direct mail. SmartAddresser puts advanced professional level features on your desktop that were previously available only to the large mail houses with mainframe computers. It delivers power, features, accuracy, and ease-of-use that have never before been possible from a desktop mail management product. Whether you're a large or small mailer ... SmartAddresser delivers for you.  

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